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Catalog number: V00212AK83 DC Gearmotor with Parallel Output  Shaft, Full Load Speed 102 RPM,  1/30 HP. VonWeise model also supplied as  Dayton 4Z539. Substitute for Dayton 1LPW5 Price: $ 188.85 
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Catalog number: V00212AU40  AC Gearmotor with parallel output  shaft, full load speed 90 RPM,  1/2  HP split phase input motor, gear  ratio 19:1, 115 VAC @ 60 Hz, 400  Pounds Max overhung load,  Bidirectional Rotation, current @  full load 7.5 Amp.  Price: $ 580.55 
Dayton Replacements
E12549-0002 V76-301 Red sensor switch for V76-5 and V76-10 E13463-0012 V76-202 Acme Nut for V76-5 and V76-10
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Von Weise Purchasing AC & Dc Starter Motors Assets  We are pleased to announce that the Von Weise, LLC  recently purchased the machinery, equipment, tooling  and intelectual property to produce most of AC & DC  starter motors that were previously produced by Govinda  Motors, White & Green Motors and originally Fasco  Motors more