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Today, VonWeise is committed to an entirely new way of doing business through a powerful combination of Solutions, Selection and Support. Engineering expertise and innovative thinking drive VonWeise to improve products and services for our customers, assuring the highest quality products at the most competitive cost.

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Premier supplier of gear motors and linear actuators

For over 50 years, VonWeise has designed and manufactured fractional and sub-fractional horsepower motors, gear motors and linear actuators for applications as diverse as ice machines, hospital beds, treadmills, vending machines and medical examination tables. VonWeise products can be found in a variety of agricultural, industrial and commercial applications, which require reliable, dependable, and robust speed and torque output and/or speed, travel and lifting force to optimize performance for each engineered application.


VonWeise provides customized solutions for your specific application. Your speed, torque, force, and voltage requirements can be achieved in a variety of mounting and package configurations. This provides our customers with innovative and cost- effective solutions that support creativity and maximize value.


VonWeise offers stock and custom AC and DC fractional and sub-fractional horsepower gear motors and linear actuators. Various parallel shaft, right angle, and linear actuator models, utilizing a variety of shaft, gear, pinion and output shaft designs allow customers to select customized solutions from proven, robust and reliable designs. Our ability to package motors with other components helps you eliminate additional outsourcing and reduces assembly time.


VonWeise incorporates cutting edge technology, reliable, robust and industry proven design, with experienced sales, engineering and manufacturing associates to provide customer support.

Von Weise takes a very advanced approach to design and manufacturing, but our commitment to customer is a time-honored one that will continue. Our hands-on support team includes comprehensive design assistance and rapid prototyping. In addition, facilities are equipped with certified UL testing laboratory designed to perform test including acoustic and vibration analysis.